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Chesterton Connect™ System

Monitor, analyze, and compare equipment intelligence from wherever you are

Chesterton-Connect-Pump-Monitoring-sm-2Chesterton Connect™ is a simple-to-install, comprehensive equipment sensor, app and cloud that provides 24/7 monitoring of equipment conditions including:

  • Process temperature
  • Proccess pressure
  • Equipment vibration
  • Surface temperature

The Chesterton Connect Cloud gives you a powerful window into the health of all equipment monitored by Chesterton Connect devices. It is an efficient intelligence tool that helps you easily detect variations in equipment performance to focus maintenance efforts where needed most.                                                                       

  • Spot trends to address potential threats to uptime
  • Pinpoint issues causing difficult-to-uncover failures
  • Predict potential problems to help lower maintenance costs
  • Easily modernize your plant operations                                   
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Equipment Intelligence at a Glance

Connect Flow Chart

Use Chesterton Connect Cloud to:

  • Set email/app alert notifications by equipment and by user
  • Produce automated equipment performance reports easily
  • Correlate multiple measurements for a specific time
  • Quickly overlay and compare data for multiple equipment
  • Compare vibration against published standards
Cloud - Comparing sensors

Dashboard View: Customized to Your Needs

Chesterton Connect™ Cloud allows you to monitor all equipment linked to Chesterton Connect sensors 24/7 through an easy-to-use dashboard.

From wherever you are, view overall performance, explore variances and trends, add notes, and take action to increase uptime and productivity.

Cloud - devices main page

  • Security: 24/7 security, authentication, and backup of data
  • Personalization: Flexible management of user roles, permissions, notifications, and reports
  • Data Storage: Unlimited storage of Chesterton Connect measurements, alarms, and notes
  • Data Visualization: Simple to navigate graphs, alarms, and notes
  • Access: Global access to unlimited sensors

Track Vibration Trends 24/7 Vibration for Rotating Equipment

Connect-Cloud - Hourly Vibration grading-1

The Chesterton Connect Cloud: 

  • Allows you to easily visualize vibration trends through a color-coded analysis
  • Displays vibration velocity as well as acceleration
  • Delivers 3 axes vibration monitoring